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Frequently Asked Questions Buyer

The sellers contact information is listed on every horse’s profile. Please feel free to contact the Seller during the auction time frame (typically 7-10 days). During this time frame you are able to preview and try/ride/vet the horse you are interested in. Please make sure you identify that you found the horse on Mane Street Auctions.

Yes. The Seller’s contact information is listed on each horse’s profile. You may contact them to schedule a time to visit the horse and ride it during the auction time frame (typically 7-10 days)

We ask that the Seller provide as much information as possible including a Pre-Sale Equine Survey. If a PPE is not included and you would like one, it is up to the Buyer to arrange this with the Seller at the Buyer’s expense prior to the end of the bidding process (close of auction).

We encourage all buyers to have the veterinarian of your choice examine any horse you are interested in. The Pre-Purchase Exam must be done PRIOR TO THE END OF THE AUCTION. Please contact the seller to arrange the time and date of your Pre-Purchase Exam. You cannot perform any Pre-Purchase Exams after the close of the auction. All horses are sold AS IS, WHERE IS with ALL existing conditions. There are no guarantees, express or implied, on any horses. Veterinarian statements are provided but are NOT MEANT TO BE A REPLACEMENT FOR A PRE-PURCHASE EXAM.

Nothing. The $5.00 hold on your card will be refunded at the end of the auction.

The Reserve price is the least amount the Seller is willing to accept as the purchase price for their horse.

Frequently Asked Questions Seller

Yes! We have prepared a step-by-step guide for Sellers to follow. This guide is a great resource to use during the registration process. Go to the Buyer’s tab to find the step-by-step guide.

Yes! You will receive an email from within 24 hours of submission confirming that we have received your registration form.

Yes. To list your horse for sale on Mane Street Auctions, you will need to read, agree and sign the Seller’s contract.

Horses will be marketed on Mane Street Market’s (Mane Street Auction’s sister company) social media sites on Facebook and Instagram @manestreetmarket. Horses will be listed on the Mane Street Market website and app and will also be marketed through targeted email lists to over 5,000 equestrians. Marketing will start 2 weeks before the auction goes live.

Deadline for listing a horse for current auction is 48 hours before the live (online) auction begins. No exceptions.

Mane Street Auctions will contact the Seller and give the option to sell the horse to the highest bidder. If Seller agrees – MSA will contact the highest bidder to inquire if they agree to purchase horse at that price. Seller will be sent a form to agree to purchase price and original contracts will go into effect.

Seller also has option to put that specific horse into the next scheduled auction at no additional cost and will need to resign contracts.

Mane Street Market is the “parent company” or you may see it referred to as the “sister website” on Mane Street Auctions. Mane Street Market is an app and a website that serves as a marketing platform for sales horses and equine services. The benefit to Mane Street Auction is that we will market the sales horses on the MSM app and website which gives the Seller the opportunity to reach thousands of additional equestrians and potential buyers.

A. Reserve price for horse (what’s the least amount you are willing to accept for purchase price?)
B. Updated Coggins within last 6 months
C. Pre-Sale Equine Survey or PPE
D. X-rays
E. Details of horse information – age, height, sex, breed, discipline F. Conformation photos (examples included in this document).
G. Videos (Click HERE for examples on our YouTube)
H. Passport information if applicable
I. Association numbers if applicable
J. Credit card for $150 registration fee.
K. Banking information for wire transfer payment from Mane Street Auctions.

We suggest that each horse has a lunging video but it’s not mandatory.

You do not have to set a reserve price for the horse, but keep in mind that it will sell for the highest bid at the close of auction. The reserve price sets the price for the least amount you are willing to accept for the horse.

The entry fee covers listing the horse on the Mane Street Auction site, marketing the horse on social media, listing the horse on the Mane Street Market website/app and emails to over 5,000 equestrians.

We recommend that Buyers gather as much information as possible and that they communicate with the Seller. If you refuse to talk to the Buyer it could reduce the amount of interest in your horse.

Great question! Mane Street Auctions simplifies the process for both the Buyer and the Seller through our step-by-step guides. Our marketing efforts far exceed the competition so there are more eyes on your sales horse through Mane Street Auctions.

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